Cairns U3A has re-opened in a reduced capacity. To ensure that members comply with all conditions set by the government, please click here to read before attending in person. 



U3A Cairns Inc. was founded in 1990, to support people, who wanted an active retirement after youth and employment (first and second age). We continue to grow and increase both our membership and activities. 

Why should you join Cairns U3A? 

There are lots of excellent reasons, as our members can confirm. However, some major ones are:

Helping to slow ageing - such as delaying mental decline, promoting well-being and subsequently increasing quality of life! 

It appears, that considerable research has been done to determine whether U3A membership benefits health and welfare.

Interested to know more about this? Read on

Look at our “Classes”, “Other Activities And Studies” and/or “Social Connections” sub-menus to find out about the huge variety of learning opportunities and activities available. Would you like to become a member? Go to the “Join Us/Support Us” sub menu to learn more!

You can find us at 129 Mulgrave Road with plenty of parking available, both front and rear where there is a large grassed parking area.

We hope you will find this website interesting and informative and look forward to any feedback you may have – either through our feedback form or by emailing

Stay safe during summer and our more extreme weather events!

Do you know what to do when a natural disaster strikes? Are you prepared for the coming summer and all the more extreme weather events that may arise? “Dealing With Extreme Weather Events” can assist you with planning and/or review of any preparations you have made.