IT Information, Questions & Answers, Databases and More

In addition to IT classes held by Cairns U3A (depending on tutor availability), IT sessions are also being held regularly at Cairns Regional Council Libraries; – keep watching this space for details as they become available. 

In view of the ever growing interest and demand by our members for IT classes and information, this page also contains advice and links to assist with everyday questions regarding use of phones, tablets, laptops, computers, online connections and subsequent queries arising from this. This page is intended to assist with problem solving (it is not a problem solver in itself) and provides some useful links.  

Some general advice:

  • All the sites listed below need to be financed somehow or earn an income. Therefore they contain ads (sometimes lots of them) or directly offer products for sale. 
  • These sites may also re-direct you somewhere else. That in itself is usually not a problem. Just be aware of this and what you click on (that, of course applies to all of your online surfing). Simply Be Aware What You Click On And Where This May Lead You! If applicable, take the time to read the small print. It’s worth it in the long run!!
  • When entering a question, phrase this initially as simple as possible, ie “how to replace Samsung tablet battery” or “what is samsung note phone” or “how to stop spam email” (you can, of course, also enter this type of question into any search browser).
  • The list of suggested sites will often include links starting with “….” which usually directs you to a You Tube video clip – very useful as the answer is mostly not only verbally explained but also practically demonstrated.
  • If you have found a particularly useful answer or page, bookmark it to easily find it again (don’t know how to do this? – search for “how to bookmark in Internet Explorer” (or Mozilla or Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine you are using). 
  • Many or most of the sites invite you to subscribe to their newsletter which you may or may not want to take up.
  • Don’t expect to always find the answer within minutes. Sometimes it takes longer, other times you get your answer straight away. It varies.


  • Mobile Phone Emergency And Safety Featuresclick here


  • Questions And Answer Sites  
    • – Connecting seniors online; starting with the essentials, including accessing the internet safely, setting up email accounts and more. Includes details information and activities to do. 
    • This site’s author send weekly to fortnightly newsletters to his subscribers, which are highly informative and factual. A massive database of information is also available via “Best Articles”, the site’s search function (both can be found on the top menu) and its archive at
    • – Click on “Search” (top right) and start typing your question.
    • – Microsoft questions and answers site. 
    • – Apple questions and answers site.
    • – Windows Update Frequently Asked Questions
    • – Computer Hope answers your questions and shows questions previously answered.
    • – A free support site but you need to sign up for it.
    • – Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Organisation. Get connected with other seniors.


  • Staying Safe Online
    • – How To Avoid Being Scammed
    •,2817,2373130,00.asp – 11 Tips For Safe Online Shopping
    • – Scamwatch – News and Alerts
    • – 10 Things To Do To Avoid Fraud


  • Various Topics (sites that were found useful and are worth sharing with others)
    • – Find out more about your phone’s battery.
    • – Staying connected 
    • – Help with Windows 10 problems. 
    • – Which Windows system am I running? 
    • How Should I Back Up My Computer Before An Operating System Upgrade