The following specify the conditions required to enable Cairns U3A to re-open on 15 June 2020:

  • Classes are very limited at this stage and will commence on 15 June in a slow manner, due to continued social distancing requirements. Although the limit of 20 people in the building no longer applies, we are still restricted to 4sqm per person which translates as follows: Buchan room – 7; Mulgrave room – 6, Severin room – 18, Kitchen – 3).
  • Please ensure that you enter through the front door and exit via the back door.
  • It is strongly suggested, that members bring their own cups (disposable or otherwise) for their coffee break.
  • Please do not congregate in groups. If you wish to have a chat after class, this can be done outside of the building.
  • Presently all classes available are full.
  • You need to register with your tutor before attending a course. Please do not come to the campus unless registered.
  • Everyone attending must have read a copy of the Cairns U3A COVID-19 plan – click here to read. Please ensure that you read this.
  • Additional information will be forwarded as it becomes available. We will keep members updated as further information becomes available. 


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