Chess is the art which expresses the science of logicMikhail Botvinnik (Ex World Chess Champion) 

Wednesday, 9.30 until noon, Scott room. We will play right through the holiday period except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Chess is a fantastic activity to maintain and enhance your mind and concentration abilities. It develops your powers of rational and logical thought, exercises your memory, involves both tactical and strategic decision-making, and requires vision and creativity.

It is one of the world’s oldest games with its roots in India before the 6th century CE. It is the only game that is almost 100% skill-dependent but can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

If you haven’t played before, come along and learn the game. After just a few introductory lessons you will be on your way on your journey from wood pusher to master. If you have played but are a bit rusty; come and polish your game and possibly learn a new trick or two. If you are an experienced player, come and you will get a competitive game and the opportunity to sharpen your thinking skills. Whatever your level, U3A Chess offers a pleasant social experience and a worthwhile cerebral challenge.

Come along to learn about or to apply Knight Forks, Back-Rank mates, Half-Open files, Zwischenzug, Fianchettos, the Grob Attack, Spite Checks, the Sicilian Defence, Stalemate, the Rat, En Passant, Relative Pins, Bad Bishops, Fool’s Mate, Backward Pawns, Zugzwang, Long Diagonals and much more — the world of chess awaits you.

For tutor/convener contact details see the time table in the current bulletin