An arrangement exists between U3A Cairns and James Cook University (JCU) Cairns Campus whereby U3A Cairns members are able to attend lectures in a visitor capacity only, once approval has been gained from the lecturer for that specific subject (see below for further details of the process). Attendance is free and, as a non-paying student, you do not participate in assessments/exams.

U3A members are NOT to contact JCU lecturers directly to gain permission to attend classes.

Introduction to JCU studies will provide additional details of the arrangements between JCU and U3A Cairns to enable U3A members to take advantage of these study opportunities. 

Please take particular note of the following to avoid disappointment and risk failure of your application!
  • Cairns U3A members’ attendance at JCU is a privilege granted to our members.
  • Your attendance is free.
  • As a non-paying student, you do NOT participate in any assessments and/or exams.
  • Not all tutorials and workshops will be available to U3A Cairns members, for a number of reasons (for example, class sizes; paying students have priority).
  • Any courses attended as a U3A student will NOT have academic recognition.
  • Requests to attend JCU courses can only be accepted if submitted via the enrolment form.
  • If you apply for the first time your request for enrolment will not be accepted if you do not attend the JCU orientation meeting.
  • U3A members should not contact JCU lecturers directly or ask other members of the JCU service team for support. Our contact person is located in Townsville! Please contact our JCU liaison officer for all matters!

U3A members studying as part of the above described arrangement are required to abide by the following (excerpt of Cairns U3A Inc's by-laws):

Concerns related to the behaviour from Cairns U3A members attending James Cook University were discussed during the General Meeting dated 30-3-17 and the following was moved, seconded and carried unanimously:
a) JCU lectures and courses are for paying students to obtain a degree, usually when embarking on a career;
b) Attendance by U3A members is a privilege requiring respect for the lecturer, students, and all staff;
c) Unless invited to participate and voice an opinion, members should quietly accept the relationship between lecturer and students;
d) In the event of inappropriate attitude or behaviour, U3A should first caution that member, and in the event of lack of response, terminate his/her privilege to attend further lectures or courses at JCU as a U3A member.