Tutor Information

Convenors must be a financial member of U3A and must be present at all classes.  Tutors need not be members of U3A and are not required to be present at every class.  Both these roles are volunteer positions.

The Tutor teaches or delivers the lesson or activity.  Initially that person decides the duration of each class/course, whether it will be short or long term, once only or repeated. Tutors can limit the number of people in the class or leave it open.

You do not have to be a qualified teacher – you may be a communicator without formal training.  If you have an ability that you would like to share, please come forward and introduce yourself.

We are constantly looking for interesting subjects to teach our members, and the people willing to undertake this. There is no limit to the topics we can introduce to our members.  A lot of enjoyment and satisfaction can be gained from giving to others.