Cairns Volunteers Needed

Everyone at U3A is a volunteer
You can volunteer your unique qualities to benefit Cairns U3A
  • Ideas – We can only grow if our members provide us with their ideas and talents. A suggestion box has been placed in the reception area to leave your ideas and comments or email us at
  • Tutors – It is not necessary that a tutor or leader is present for each class or activity.  We are always looking for any interesting subjects to teach and the people willing to do that job. There is a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction gained from giving to others.
  • Convenors – It is compulsory that a Convenor is appointed and present at each class.  This involves very little work – they ensure that the room is set up (lights, air conditioners and fans on as needed) shortly before the class commences, that the Attendance Record is complete (for insurance purposes), and that class fees are collected.   At the end of the class they also ensure that the room is left neat and tidy and that the lights and fans/air conditioners are turned off.  Mugs and supplies used for morning and afternoon tea must be washed and put away.
  • Service Roles – There are many small jobs required, such as keeping the bookshelves tidy; washing hand towels and tea towels; sweeping the floors and the front and back paths; scouring the coffee mugs in kitchen cupboards; filling the refreshment containers; wiping out the refrigerators; tidying around sink and cutlery trays; stacking chairs. Responsibility for some or even just one of the jobs would be very much appreciated. Please advise Reception if you are interested in assisting with any of these tasks.
  • The Management Committee is a group of volunteers who are appointed each year and are dedicated to a specialised position. The Committee is responsible for the decision-making and the operation of this Not-for-Profit organisation which includes finance and forward planning. Each member of the Management Committee welcomes feedback from our U3A members.