U3A requires a Tutor for each class or activity. At all times we are looking for any interesting subjects to teach and the people willing to do that job. There is a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction gained from giving to others.

There is no limit to the subjects we can introduce to our members.

One does not have to be a qualified teacher. One may be a communicator without formal training. If you have an ability that you would like to share, please come forward and introduce yourself.

Start with a trial class; see how people respond and whether you wish to continue.

The tutor teaches or delivers the lesson or activity. Initially the Tutor decides the duration of each class, the length of the course, whether it will be short or long term, once only or repeated. Tutors can limit the number of people in the class, or leave it open. Make a plan and work from it.

The tutor is responsible for the lodgement of the class notice in the Bulletin each month.

For 2020/21 we invite members or non-members to tutor any of the following: 

  • Art/Painting/Sketching/Drawing
  • French Beginners
  • Italian
  • Spanish Beginners & Intermediate


and other subjects that we have not even thought of. People who have talent or experience they wish to share may do so by contacting the Course Coordinator. Details can be obtained from reception or the latest bulletin edition.