The table below shows our regular activities. For more details (ie times, frequency, locations, etc.) see the monthly time table (last page in the relevant bulletin) or go to the individual classes pages.

Classes with no additional indicator are held weekly.

(D) indicates classes held at Douglas Branch (these are also in light blue coloured font for easy recognition).

The Luncheon Club meets at new restaurants each month.

The Bird Watching Group explores new areas every month.

The Bush Walking Group (field trip) has new destinations each month.

AM/PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Trivia  Social – 2nd & 4th Monday Mahjong 1  Field Trip – 3rd Wed monthly Mahjong 3 Social Scrabble
Book Club 2 – 1st Mon monthly French for Beginners Social Chess Mahjong 4 Beginners Current Affairs
Bridge Social Italian Advanced Mandarin Chinese English as a 2nd Language Exploring Music – 2nd Fri monthly
Mahjong (D) QiGong Italian Intermediate Mahjong 5 Luncheons – 4th Fri monthly
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills (D)  Mahjong 2 Trail Walking (D) Tai Chi & QiGong (D)
Learn to draw (D) Scrabble – Traditional
Afternoon Cards & Games Cryptic Crosswords Guest Speakers French Advanced  Feldenkrais Movements
Book Club 3 – 1st Mon monthly English Country Dancing Italian Beginners Yarning in the Park (D)
Book Club 4 – 4th Mon monthly Ulysses Square Dancing Ukulele 
Appreciating Jane Austen Mahjong (D)  Cairns Tropical Chimers
Meet & Greet (D) – 3rd Mon monthly