Trivia – Social


Test your knowledge


2nd and 4th Mondays 10.00 am – 12 noon Guide Hut, James St. 

We will re-start in late June 2020. Numbers will be strictly limited. Please contact the tutor or convener to book.

This is the former Memory Teasers. We have changed lour name to reflect more accurately what we are about – having fun while trying to answer (in small groups) questions which relate to past knowledge or sometimes new stuff. Trivia starts at 10.00 and the fun continues for a couple of hours. The charge is $3.00 of which $2.00 is for the hire of the hall and morning tea is provided. Groups of four are selected through choosing a card so the teams change every time. 

You don’t have to be an Einstein, just know one answer that no one else on your table knows and you will be considered a genius. Every person knows some things. The questions range from simple everyday stuff (how many teaspoons in a tablespoon?) to the challenging (Who invented Morse Code?) to the quirky (does a giraffe have more neck bones than a mouse?).        

There are only five types of questions….. “I know That” “I SHOULD know that”, “I can make a logical deduction“ or “who cares?” Then of course there is “well I didn’t know that, but that’s interesting“.

There are friendly people with laughs galore and a yummy morning tea, (not just U3A biscuits), often including the world famous egg sandwiches and special offerings on theme days.

There are 10 rounds of six questions each, with a break after round 5 for a cuppa. The questions are all general knowledge and everyone can get at least half of them right. There are no prizes but lots of fun, so come and keep your brain active and test your knowledge.

For tutor/convenor contact details see the time table in the current bulletin