Book Clubs

Read Any Good Books Lately ...?

The success of a book group lies in the choice of books and how much input its members are prepared to give to the group. Our meetings usually take at least two hours. We spend time studying the structure of a book and also the author’s writing style.

The book list evolves over the preceding twelve months with the members making suggestions and the final decisions are governed by several factors:

  • We aim for a good representation of Australian authors but are also mindful of international writers who have won awards.
  • Our main source of contemporary books is the Library and for the classics we go to the second-hand markets or buy on line.
  • We keep our group at ten as we have ten meetings each year then each member can choose and research a book.

There are currently three book groups at U3A, one of which has just started recently, so if you are thinking of joining an activity, a Book Club is often a nice friendly way to introduce yourself to our organisation.

  • For tutor/convenor contact details see the time table in the current bulletin.