Feldenkrais Movements

Fridays 1 pm- 2 pm, Severin Hall. 

Numbers will be strictly limited. Please contact the tutor or convener to book.

Awareness through movement classes use simple and unusual exercises to help everyday functional movements. The Feldenkrais method addresses the nervous system and is suitable for everyone and all abilities. Come and try the easiest exercise class ever!

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a great pioneer and researcher who developed a method of remarkably gentle movements to benefit the nervous system. In his recent book, The Brain’s Way Of Healing, Norman Doige observes that Feldenkrais was one of the first neuroplasticians.

At an experiential level, you will practice being curious and learn how improving attention and awareness can lead to improvements in movement quality and ability.

Each class in Awareness Through Movement involves unusual non-habitual movements to explore organic connections; shifts of attention like an inclusive mindfulness and simple awareness as an agent of change.

Curious? Why not come along for a class. All welcome.

This class is undertaken by a trained tutor.

For tutor/convenor contact details see the time table in the current bulletin.