Please register at office if interested. Classes are limited. Further details can be obtained from the Course Coordinator.

  • Write That Novel Now (update) – A Member of Southern Gold Coast U3A is visiting Cairns on Monday, 9 August and is offering a workshop on writing a novel specifically, not just creative writing in general. He is an author and writing mentor, has an email-based novel-writing course with students and mentoring clients around the world, in addition to spending 12 years in TAFE NSW.
  • At 9.30am – 12.30pm: The Essential Elements of a Good Commercial Plot.
  • Additional afternoon sessions offered: 1.30pm – 2.30pm and 3.00pm – 4.00pm in The Art of Describing Characters and Writing the Perfect Opening Paragraph (or First Page). Full details available upon request.  Contact Course Coordinator or enrol at Office. 

This is a fun class for those who have always said “I can’t draw” and for those with little or no drawing experience. 

Initially, 3 lessons of 1½ to 2 hrs held fortnightly.  Through a series of drawing exercises you will discover your creativity and learn the basics of how to ‘see’ as an artist.

Enjoy this loose and non-competitive class and bring a smile along.  It’s a thrill to see how you progress in your understanding of ‘how to draw’!  Watch so you can look back and see your progress in your workbook! 

Tutor is retired and has been drawing, painting and sculpting all her life. She attended the Design School as a school leaver. In retirement she finally got to study her passion, gaining an Associate Art Degree at UTAS.