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U3A LIBRARIES – Latest Update

Over the years books have been donated to the Cairns U3A and these have grown into an interesting collection of quite varied resources.  The non-fiction library is being tidied up so that members will find it easier to locate titles that might be of interest to them.

Some books are looking for new homes, as there isn’t room for U3A to keep everything. You’ll find these on the bookcase in Kitchen One. They are free for you to take and keep.

Non-fiction books in Kitchen Two (the Library Room) are available on loan for a period of six weeks.  To borrow an item, enter details (date, your name, book title, …) in the Borrowing Book.

The Fiction section is in the Storeroom. Members may take books of interest to them – no need to write down details. It is your choice whether you keep the novel, give it to someone else or return it to the U3A shelves.

This is a work in progress. There will be more news soon. Happy reading!

Note: A full set of 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica is available for purchase. Make an offer to our Course Coordinator. 

Upcoming Dates in 2021

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, all U3A Cairns volunteers are invited to join us for lunch on Friday, 21 May from 12.30pm in the U3A Severin Hall. Entertainment will be provided, including Steve O’Hara, U3A ukulele tutor. Due to Covid restrictions, the lunch will be catered.  

Please RSVP to Course Coordinator (contact details  can be found in the latest bulletin) by 5pm on 14 May, together with special dietary requirements. The theme colours are red, white and black. Come themed for a prize!

PLEASE NOTE: No late bookings can be accepted. No RSVP – no luncheon.